Kamp Kairos 2023

June 26th - June 30th, 2023

Kamp Kairos End of the Week Video

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Kamp Karios

There is a lot we have to offer here at Kamp Kairos like worship sessions and having fun. But here are three things that help make Kamp Kairos a week to remember.


Breakout Groups




Mission Project


What People Say

“Kamp Kairos is definitely the highlight of my year. Kamp offers great experiences through times of devotion and worship. Every year kamp always moves me spiritually and gives me a new challenge for myself spiritually. This is definitely a place we’re you can let go and truly be yourself!”

Kristen Reese

Student at Dykes Creek Baptist Church

“Kamp Kairos really means a lot to me because it is more personal than other church camps. We got to make relationships with the staff, while at other camps you may not get to talk to the staff but once or twice in the whole week. My church has gone since it was first started, and we’ve loved it so much. My first year at Kamp Kairos, one of my best friends was saved, which changed my view on church camps forever. It is so easy to make new friends, and build relationships to last a lifetime. Every year around summertime, I thank God for letting me be able to go to the camp for another year!.”

Jack Allison

Student at Dykes Creek Baptist Church

“Kamp Kairos is definitely a one of a kind experience. The environment is like no other. The reason is the staff, getting to worship with other believers, and just getting away from reality. One of my favorite things about Kamp definitely has to be how we grow together as a youth group, and to get to experience such amazing changes in not only my life but so many other lives as well. This is a week where not only students but adults as well can just let everything go and be surrounded with others believers all week. Kamp Kairos = BEST CAMP EVER!!!!!!”

Taylor West

Student at Sonoraville Baptist Church

“Kamp Kairos to me is a 1 of a kind experience. Reason be is the staff, the setting, and most importantly the vulnerability of the students. This is a place where kids and adults can let go of everything!”

Jacob White

Student at Sonoraville Baptist Church